Core Services

Web Design and SEO

Incorporating key elements like e-commerce, social media and SEO we ensure your content is optimised for top ranking search words relevant to your business and flowing to conversion of revenue.

Point of Sale Integration

We work with Square POS systems to provide you with an experience unlike any other. Our team ensures that your initial inventory setup, hardware deployment and training is included in your selected product. Providing the hardware at cost we overlay our services to reduce setup stress and get your business up and running in no time at all.

Hardware and Security Automation

Looking to take automation to the next level in your business? Our Services will ensure that we provide you with a plan to harness the power of automation services specializing in lighting, security, media and entertainment. Whether is ensuring your heater is on before you go to bed or fully automated alerts setup for motion in your business with backup to the cloud. Comptier can provide you with the services to get you there.

Social Media Consulting

It is important to connect with your audience in this modern age of social media. Branding and consistency is key with so many platforms having one voice across all the platforms will be crucial to the success of your business. We work with you to ensure your brand reaches as many of your potential customers as possible. Using geolocation, demographic studies and a consistent branding approach we ensure we maximise your audience potential by targeting keywords and allowing for precise microsegmented advertising to bring in the crowd which matters the most.

Bespoke Technology Consulting Services

We work with our clients in Melbourne to provide consulting services that encompass the entire deployment process. Starting with project planning we can achieve a truly seamless experience using our design to deployment methodology. We milestone the project from the beginning to ensure all costs are upfront and paid for in a manageable time frame ensuring there are no hidden costs.