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Google Home and Business Automation Services

Looking to take automation to the next level in your business? 
Our Services will ensure that we provide you with a plan to harness the power of automation services specializing in lighting, security, media and entertainment. Whether is ensuring your heater is on before you go to bed or fully automated alerts setup for motion in your business with backup to the cloud. Comptier can provide you with the services to get you there.

“Hey Google, Call Comptier for a free quote”

We also have productised ready to go services included with all hardware purchases which you can purchase below. Buy now or contact us today. 

Google Chromecast with Installation and Delivery

Price Includes

1x Gen 3 Chromecast RRP $58

Free Delivery

Installation Service Including:

Connect to WiFi
Connect to HUB Apps
20 Minute Tutorial on Apps that can be used and recommendations
Ensure connectivity between devices like Google Home/Google WiFi

Google Home with Installation and Delivery

1x Google Home RRP of $199
Free Delivery
Installation on Delivery which includes:
Initial Setup and Configuration - Connect to WiFi, Connect up to two compatible smart devices (tablet, smartphone)
Integrate key apps (Spotify, Media Apps (Where applicable), Weather and More)
Connect up to 5x other Smart devices (Lights, Power Sockets, Security devices etc)

Google WiFi Mesh Router 3 Pack with Installation and Delivery

Price Includes:

Free Delivery

3x Google Wifi Mesh Points RRP $478

Connection to smart device (up to 3) and 20 minutes of training

Set of Automation rules configured. Includes Security device filtering and guest network setup

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Security Services and Automation You Can Trust

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.
43% of cyber attacks target small business. 
Since 2013 there are 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day

The numbers don’t lie. 

At CompTier we work to ensure best practices of security are adhered to. We start from personal presence audits which will work to determine if any of your personal information has been compromised running through heuristic scans and providing you with a report on recommendations. We then follow this up with a best practices methodology to keep your information safe. Complemented with our Security automation services we can provide systems with real time updates and reports at your fingertips. Working with the best in the industry we bring knowledge, hardware and service together to provide an excellent experience. 

The next step is to deter, most attacks whether it be a physical robbery or online attack can be mitigated if prevention methods have been taken. Criminals will seek out unlocked or open doors rather then taking the effort to pick your lock. Our consultants will work to ensure as many aspects of your personal and business life have been locked to deter would be thieves.